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With two of my crazy & brilliant friends, we run this channel. Every Tuesday we post new videos. We’re constantly jostling our minds, figuring what it means to live well in our 20’s plus. Some of our conversations have been about honoring parents, losing friends as we grow older, learning to celebrate self etc. We hope our shared impressions and your comments will amount to insight. Get to know us in this video.


From time to time, I invite people who are dear to me to converse on subjects I deem to be important. Time, how we use it? Absent fathers-the long-term effects? Self-love, what it means practically. Below I shared a conversation with my beloved mother, whom if you know anything about me, you know is my all.


I really hope you enjoy this additional link to the blog, comment below & let me know if you have any suggested topic.

In 2018, continue to ask yourself, what is your soul daring you to do?

Much Love xx