10 life lessons I learnt from a 109 km race

Picking up my race pack at the Expo: Good Hope Center

As with all races, the professionals in the A seeding group have gone, they are likely at the finish line as we novices take-off.

Big speakers house the sound of invigorating music, thousands of roaring fans-families-friends stand on the sides of the starting point-flagging banners painted with multi-colored words of encouragement. The bustling, the coolness of morning, the clicking-clacking of pedals evokes the senses. Group by group, cyclists wheeze their bicycle’s closer and closer to the start line. A shot of adrenaline bursts through my body as the announcer pulls the gun shot for the group ahead to zoom off.

Carbo loaded✔Enough sleep✔Wholesome breakfast✔Race-tec securely placed✔

Start line past civic center, Cape Town-South Africa.

I am milliseconds away from the start line of the World’s Largest Timed Cycling Race. The announcer shouts, “everybody say whoopla” and off -we-go!

In 2015, I enjoyed my third Cape Town Argus cycle tour. It’s a 109km (68 miles) route. This endurance testing, leg packing, wildly thrilling race has taught me several life lessons that I would like to share with you.

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Blossomed. Blossoming…


Your words, your presence your laughter
What is purpose when it has blossomed?
what is death when the life that lived- breathes beyond the bounds of a burial?
blooming a breathing brimming interminable life?

Is it a loss when purpose has run its course and left its mark?
Is it a loss when death arrives with life having been lived?
Is it a loss when the sands of Gods precious thoughts of your life, now solidly stand
like tall towers of legacy
(thoughts that were written before the foundations of the earth began)

You are a summers bloom-a blossomed purpose
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