Congruence “I meet together, I agree”

S E L F   P O T R A I T |  IN C O N G R U E N CE


Her body is history. Two decades-long and counting. History is winter, autumn, summer, spring. Seasons & bones. Alike they break and reset.

Ashen winter logs, autumn leaves crayoned in fades, sapphires & burning oranges. Spring floristry peeling open like artwork at the sharp angle where her cheek and eye muscles join.

Soft summer rainbows reeling from her shoulders, sinking in her collar cleft, climbing up her neckline, pirouetting into yellow dots, inked over her strong cheekbones. Rising, till the soft bend of her brow.  Continue reading “Congruence “I meet together, I agree””

Let them Go: Body Insecurities

Videography by Wadeisor Rukato

This is a 4.42-minute video.

I was absolutely enthralled by the view from the top of the Bridge Cafe in Wudaokou, Beijing. I insisted that we capture a conversation we had earlier in the week about body insecurities, so that you would get a view of it too. Sincere apologies for the wind blowing in the back. The good thing though is that the wind blowing became symbolic of letting go of body insecurities. Continue reading “Let them Go: Body Insecurities”

Overcoming Feet Insecurities

Videography by Sharon Tshipa

This is a 5.52 minute video, you can rest assured you’ll have a fun funny session.

The awkward pinkie, the shoe pinch, the looming heel crack, boys who like girls with pretty feet. This conversation is about the uncomfortable.

Feet insecurities. A woman and her feet. “Feet baggage” as coined by Wadeisor Rukato.

Continue reading “Overcoming Feet Insecurities”