Conversation with Prof Kgethi Phakeng

I spent woman’s day with fabulous women who chose to open up their deep baskets and tenderly share of themselves. Our conversations ranged from body image to our sense of self, to that initial moment it occurred that actually “I’m a woman.” We conversed on our use of time,  and at the end wrote out our eulogies [scripting how on our last day on this earth we would wish to have lived out our lives].

Afterward, I chatted to Wode about how enriching it was to be surrounded by thought provoking women, whilst lying on a rooftop overlooking table mountain, bathing in the sun, engaging attentively.

Similar to what dad often said in distress, Wode responded: “Oh women talk, they talk, they just like to talk.”

I chuckled at his sentiments. I have heard this said by men far too often. They do not know that these deliberate conversations:

Open up the frontiers of our minds

admonish our spirits

edify our souls 

replenish our bodies 

offering thoughtful clarity & direction unto us

reinvigorating us with the energy to examine & live out our truths once more

Mom says, this thing of sharing ourselves – is how we stay sane and less stressed as women. Through our conversations, we see and feel our plentifulness and scarcity – recognize our questions and answers. These are delightful moments of becoming. 

This woman’s Day Conversation with Prof Kgethi Phakeng is a similar embodiment. Kgethi, a woman who is wild at heart, with a soul so tender, loaded with creativity, zest & intelligence. She shares with us her becoming. I hope that in listening to her edifying words, you’d be reminded of loving yourself – reserving patience and grace to adorn your soul. I hope that you would be reminded of the tenants of fruitfulness and pure authenticity [honesty to self].

Happy Women’s Day Maqhawekazi. Mbokodo. Source.

You are fearfully & wonderfully made! 

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