Flights, Fortune, Freedom & Friendship

“Write down this vision; clearly inscribe it on tablets (legibly) so one may easily read it/ that he who runs may read it.”  Habakkuk 2:2


This morning whilst scrolling through old emails, I found a note from Siba to our ladies connect group. A love note full of prayer items that God has since soo faithfully answered.  

Siba (whom I affectionately refer to as my roomie) captured and followed to send back an email singling each of our said goals stated at cell group. Our Outcries. Our hearts hopes & Anxieties. Ambitions. Pleadings and prayers. She ends her note with these words:

we need to follow-up. Accountability is key so that we keep track of the work that God is doing in our lives…I am willing to facilitate this process each month.”

In word, her note to us was a seed. A reminder of the sacred. The hidden treasures of the heart. The substance of things unseen. The evidence of things hoped for. Faith. Her prayer, added in the list was genuine. pure. unblemished. It simply read,

“My hope is that I would be more open about the Christ in me.”  

Thus, to share a blog post about Siba that does not capture this. Christ first. The essence of her soul would be erroneous. A wasted post.

A week ago Siba & I had the wonderful opportunity to ride and see views from the rooftops of Cape Town with Cape Town Helicopters. A massive thank you to them for sponsoring our video. The experience was bewilderingly beautiful.

Cape Town Helicopters 154.jpg

So this post is a pot mix of pictures from the rooftops, reflections, prayers, and words for Siba as she embarks on her new journey as a Chevening scholar.


My first encounter with Siba was on the very first day of Uni. A small framed girl with a majestic laugh. A laughter loud & large enough to clout-up the heavens.

Her smile bloomed right through her braces. past the chitter. chatter. laughter. the restlessness that roped the girls standing in that tippling queue, all ready to sign for a residence room. We were all becoming. Big Girls. Freshers. Tugwell Queens.  


I remember the day vividly, she was wearing loose jeans and a white vest with a Disney character printed on it. It may have been Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse, I can’t recall. This Umtata girl had matriculated with 7 A’s- now registered for an Actuarial Science degree.

An A for Afrikaans, I thought, a Mickey mouse vest, baggy jeans, and a raw, unedited laughter. Mhh. Complete contra’s to my anticipated #KoolKid roommate. I signed yes, but my mind yelped an endless nooooooooo. 


The wisdom of time allows me to appreciate that on that first day “Our steps were ordered by God.” As our friendship and song verse goes, “He is before all things, and in Him, all things hold together (even our friendship & that of #destiny friends).”


So in the four small walls of room 820, our friendship buds flowered and bloomed. Working through tutorials. Room cleaning schedules. Fights and irritability. Dinners and meal vouchers. Saturdays spent unbraiding. Sunday evening services. Hours and hours spent laughing and chittering. Crushes. Diet plans. First-year spread. Talk Throughs. Truths. Counsel sessions. The blessed 40-day journey journaling-completing purpose driven life. Fasting and praying. Church Camps. Campus harvest. Woman of the word. Connect groups. Failing courses. DPR’s and fears of academic exclusion. Summer schools and graduations. Birthdays-Twenty Firsts. Applications-denials-successes. Attaining Scholarships, losing scholarships. Victories.

This bolstered and interconnected in a deeper network, a larger friendship base #DestinyFriends #HP Community  & #TugwellQueens. Through each of our stories and routines. We all watched each other grow. As if, almost watching oneself. Mirrored. Destined.

What fortune, what friendship what freedom?

Cape Town Helicopters 154.jpg

8 years later.

I nor any of our #DestinyFriends can dial your +27 number. This once simple dial must now follow a layered process, beginning by setting up a time for a call, at an hour that will best suit our different worlds. You, my friend, have migrated. To a new place. A new land. London. Your new home.

Siba’s surprise send-off

There too, you will meet fresh faces & start new friendships. Your smile and laugh will break forth like the rising of the sun. Walking past the ‘Big Ben’ clock tower and Westminster Abbey, when you poise by the red telephone booth or swiftly walk past river Thames or as you giddily giggle in Piccadilly Circus, your laugh exploding in the open air. Joy will churn from your cheeks. As you travel through Europe, walking between small streets and long bridges, tasting chocolate treats and strawberry delicacies and oh that joy, that joy…Italy. Running up the Spanish steps in Rome dropping coins at the Trevi fountain.

Basilica’s and fountains and colosseums and new steps and statues and streets and paintings and pictures. Your new realities. Then too remember, you are “surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses. Throw off everything that hinders you, and the sin (including doubt & fear) that so easily entangles. Run with perseverance the race marked out for (you).”

Indulge your senses. engage. be present. listen. speak. White and brown faces you will tread past. Touching history, recreating your own story, all in one-brewing new memoirs. You are journeying your new lineage of grace. There too, on those city streets, you will glimmer. The hope & word that abides in you will shine like the breaking of dawn.


Remember Siba. Once upon a time, this too was a prayer. a silent wish. a plead. an ache. a hope. a dare. One which you pursued with trembling and faith. Ambition and anxiety. Firm faith assured that He who had begun a good work in you would bring it to completion. Count your blessings every day. Let gratitude be the matrix from which your mouth speaks. Daily.

These sweet days of your youth will also be an assurance in the future. A guarantee that nothing is impossible to them who believe.


There is nothing to fear. God has already gone before you. To make the rough places smooth. The crooked paths straight. 

dsc_0985Cape Town Helicopters 067.jpgcape-town-helicopters-135dsc_0988cape-town-helicopters-124cape-town-helicopters-041IMG_3120.JPG

You might never realize, but you see Magadla, your fight to see your dreams come true is life to us. It is the visible image of the invisible hopes of young + gifted + black + women.

Let me tell you this, there is something bolstering. Reassuring. Affirming. Awakening. Seeing someone like you. Our very own. Our #DestinyFriend reaching her dreams. There is something validating about seeing a young + black + gifted + women live out her fullness fearlessly. Pioneering.

“Its as watching your life (and dreams and hopes) lived through one who’s bodied like you.”

Mbokodo (rock), it’s a symbiosis. For other young + black + women. Across the globe, in South Africa, in the Eastern Cape, in Umtata. You continue to be a beacon of hope. A light upon a hill.

Cape Town Helicopters 102.jpg

Through you, we are all learning. What we can become. What we can pursue. What we can tirelessly and relentlessly seek. Towards our fullest potential and beyond.

Your new reality.

It’s a symbiosis. For us to learn how to become. To Blossom. To Fly. To seek & Find.

Rooftops of Cape Town by night


Through the years we have watched you dare. Daring to meet your hearts longing. The ache in your heart beating spiritedly for more. Drumming for more. Relentlessly. Resiliently. Persistently. Incessantly. Achingly.

Your fearlessness was the first yes.

Behind you, we also cheer with a thousand more yeses. Shouting “Go-go-go-don’t stop.” And when you’ve gone, we will continue to cheer:

“go, go, go again-and again-and-again.”

Go-Go-Go and Fly Magadla, watch the world from the rooftops and return to heal the world from the ground. Walk limitlessly, humbly. Flourish. Your life will continue to bear much fruit. Let nothing hinder your mind. You are worth it all. You deserve it-all of it.

Fly Magadla-Fly!


Picture(s) source: Cape Town Helicopters 


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