Colors of Hong Kong & Guangzhou

Earlier this year a friend & I decided to travel to Hong Kong & Guangzhou. I thoroughly enjoyed both places for different reasons. Hong Kong had a thing to it, you could feel it in the atmosphere. I described this thing in this video as a buzz, an effervescent feeling. The kind of sense that you get when you are walking in Times Square in New York City, the rush of exhilaration you get when you’re dazzled by multi-colored people, with curious attires against a backdrop of high rise buildings and bright lights. The feeling is life giving, to be honest.

You can read my piece on traveling to Guangzhou here. This post is a picture compilation of a few moments on the trip. DSC_0037

Adding veggies to a Hot pot dish: Guangzhou


We took a motorbike and zooted on the highway: quite the adventure



Late night snack in the streets of Hong Kong


I asked my friend Jackson Tse (Hong Konger) for recommended things to do in HK. He shared the list below with me:

Places to check out – definitely hit up Lan Kwai Fong, PMQ/general Soho area, the Mong Kok market/Goldfish Street/Ladies Street/Garden Street area, the Peak, Ocean Park, Big Buddha. If you want to do hiking, try Dragon’s Back.

Bars, would highly recommend Quinary, Stockton, The Woods, 001 (speakeasy but super hard to find), MO Bar, and for sure Ozone.

Jumbo floating restaurant, VEA (prix fixe but super pricey), Sushi Kuu, Tim Ho Wan (cheapest Michelin star restaurant, does dim sum), Maxim’s palace city hall, Lung King Heen/Fook Lam Moon

I hope you are having a wonderful week. Take Good care of yourself.

As always, “I want to know what you ache for and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing”

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