Let them Go: Body Insecurities

Videography by Wadeisor Rukato

This is a 4.42-minute video.

I was absolutely enthralled by the view from the top of the Bridge Cafe in Wudaokou, Beijing. I insisted that we capture a conversation we had earlier in the week about body insecurities, so that you would get a view of it too. Sincere apologies for the wind blowing in the back. The good thing though is that the wind blowing became symbolic of letting go of body insecurities.

To be honest, as we grow up I think you quickly realize that your body, as it is, is good enough. I mean, you can work on it, but really the idea should never be “I’m not enough because I’m not this or that enough.”

It’s that self love thing that’s so critical.

The beautiful thing is when you love you, and are okay with you, people around you begin to believe the same of themselves. You “unconsciously liberate others.” 

Truly speaking, we need less insecure people. When you have found good things about yourself, stick to those. There are people who gain value from your presence and attention, don’t give anymore of that time thinking about what you are not. You are many other crunchy things!

 Feel free to leave a comment below, perhaps suggest a conversation you’d like recorded.


Have a crunchy week. Filled with enoughness!

And as always,

That the ache would keep you daring.

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