Blossomed. Blossoming…


Your words, your presence your laughter
What is purpose when it has blossomed?
what is death when the life that lived- breathes beyond the bounds of a burial?
blooming a breathing brimming interminable life?

Is it a loss when purpose has run its course and left its mark?
Is it a loss when death arrives with life having been lived?
Is it a loss when the sands of Gods precious thoughts of your life, now solidly stand
like tall towers of legacy
(thoughts that were written before the foundations of the earth began)

You are a summers bloom-a blossomed purpose

Death has no sting
when the sweet strength of your laughter emboldens a generation with power
when your wise words stir blue-ing rivers of endless life,
perking hearts with hopeful fire
when your memory glistens and the framed moments of your touch still speak to each heart, awakening lives past the dullness of a bounded life
Offering a sweet scent; propelling beginnings-renewing hope

Death loses its sting
when sights of you, sanctify souls, yielding knees to the saving grace of Christ

Death has lost its sting
Your true story still tells of a ruby rose scent, a yellow sun
an orchard generously colorated with colors of favor

Still… your life is like the warm sense of a precious lingering touch
that briefly laced the hands of this earth
Thoughts of you are sacredly captured.

kept as precious garments of royal gold
rare embroidery that graciously towers over sands of time
Now calling many to a life of more-more
-more truth-more peace-more purpose.

Is it a loss?
when your finish now renews fresh starts
when those who fellowshipped with you,

now steadily balance on shoulders of possibility

Is it a loss?
when the hearing of your voice now calms edged anxieties
as they suddenly hear the roar of Gods mighty call

“Your words, your presence your laughter”
Your purpose blossomed? blossoming…

your legacy
a blooming
a breathing
brimming interminable life…
A blossomed. Blossoming.

2 thoughts on “Blossomed. Blossoming…

  1. This poem was written in memory of my dear friend Thembi Losi who passed on in 2013. After sharing the poem with a mutual mentor Dominique Katshunga he responded via email with words that (inspired my heart that) I would like to share with you:

    “Be still my heart and beat faster no more!! From the curtains of heaven hers faster than you beats for the glorious great day of reunion!! And you my dear friend!! Your writings spoke past the brain to the hidden parts my soul as it shook! Thank you for causing the store houses of my tears to well them all the way up to my long dried eyes. I will , while on this side of the curtain, treasure within and cherish these purposeful words.


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