I ran into the woods

IMG_20150310_0017 (1)

I ran into the woods when I heard you died

I sought an escape a place to thrust my heart to

I picked on leaves and sowed trees to hide in

My eyes feel sour from all the Bags of curdled moist.

This out-pour of cumulating tears


I woke up and ran when I heard you died.

On grey grounds, moving somewhere, almost close and far

Into the mountain, pounding on stretched steeps of tar

I longed for a firm tower

a mistress, a maid any spurious assistance

a word, a memory to have a hold of power

yet the cold coolness of morning offered no comfort

I hoped the thunder would bolt

I searched the clouds for the rain to fall,

wanting its heaviness to drape me

and shave away the ropes of cheeky ache


How naïve I had been

to sanely believe.. you would always be here.

In my midst, close enough, never too far, tied by our blood

How shameless the ground is for seeming unassuming.

Its trees and flora gentled by the wind

Left and right, swayed slowly so

Already forgetting that its clasped onto the body of another man

surrendered their form. now reforming. returning. back to dust

Ashes and dust our seeds and skin

now reforming. returning. back to you.


Instantly clasped, betrayed by the bitter fallenness of this world

enclosed by the earth trying to understand how quickly it forgets

It’s vows, its golden words, and vile whispers

It’s biting promise, its ties, and lies

its false appeal and unnecessities


You now have gone to join those before you.

Us alone, we wonder why

why now, not later…

could it all not wait,

it no longer matters

burdened by the solace of your swift escape

breathe in, breathe out and now the last


Gone, gone, gone with the wind

Carried by His mighty wings

Into our Fathers perilous gates

There you stand to be enthroned

with matchless beauty and endless worth

free from the cares of this world,

carried now in eternal grace


Your enchanting smile,

your kiddious humor and pretty fitted features

all but a mild, kind and dawning memory

weaved into my ancestral tapestry

placed sweetly in my history, my present yesterday


Goodbye for now

I will join you too,

we will all follow you too.

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