Taking Stock One

Apparently real bloggers share their stock take. Mhh.. what I’m saying is, seasoned bloggers such as thisisess, and africastravellingseed have done this really cool stock take that I am about to take. In my re-emergence as a blogger I had to check out what’s being done in the block. So Stock Take it is :).


Making:  Decisions and Sacrifices. I deleted my Facebook account recently. Inspired by the desire to complete my Masters thesis. Now the blogs taken over. That’s not the point okay. Sacrifices are important and I am making them. Next are all the coffee dates I have signed up. After tomorrows meet-up.

Cooking: I don’t cook anymore, I’m at Peking Uni and where I live they have no kitchens. So  whatever the cafeterias are offering, that’s whats popping. Its not my favorite. I will not begin my rant on this subject.

Drinking: Peach flavored water. Its written in Chinese, I can’t tell you the name.

Reading: Boya Chinese, an entry level textbook. One of those Chinese for dummies type.  Also on africastravellingseed.wordpress.com and fromafricatochina.com and a dozen other tabs.

Wanting: to find a dumpling with meat. I bought dumplings for dinner, I have poked 9/12  trying to find one with meat. I suspect I got served.. veggie dumplings.

Playing:  CCTV-10 Education Channel. Its a Learn Chinese Channel. I know it sounds like I’m immersed in Chinese. I am taking a Chinese test next week. After that you’ll hear more about my upbeat tracks. Gregory Porter ~ Wolfcry – YouTube still gets me. Warning its a bit slow and it may pull your heart strings. .

Wasting: Time. I’m blogging for the many months I have missed..mhh years. Whilst that’s good I have a long list of to do’s i.e studying for my Chinese exam, thoroughly planning my upcoming trip to Hong Kong (Yaaay!), completing my thesis (not-so-Yay-but-for-positivity-vibes-I’ll-say-yaay-and another yaay-yaaay-okay I’m wasting time).

Sewing: My start up dreadlocks. Before I left home in August I decided to change my fro to dreadlocks. I mean if you’re going to have that odd looking period have it with the Chinese. I don’t think they can tell how strange I look with the sprouting S looking hair pickles. I haven’t found a hairstylist yet. From time to time, I sew them up..This should help them lock .. right?!

Wishing: That March could come. I am going through that “I’m not sure what I’m doing with my life next phase” the 20 something year olds dilemma. In March, I’ll be more clear, application responses will have come through. More than the March wish actually, I’m really wishing I finish my thesis, I’ll breathe better, read and write and blog and have coffee dates with less guilt. I can’t wait for that tada-I’m done moment.

Enjoying: Life. Meeting new people. Coffee dates. African expats in Beijing are the shiz. I am genuinely enjoying experiencing Beijing day and night life. Its su-u-u-uper awesome. I actually can’t explain how exhilarating this has been.

Liking: caineprize.com, the short stories on this site are simply divine. The writers, their choice of words, the creativity with which these young African writers put together their stories. The emotion, the depth. Its absolutely AMAZEBALLS which really means capturing, excellent etc!  They leave me inspired to write. Shout out to Masande Ntshanga, a guy from my home street who was shortlisted for the Caine Prize in 2015. Wow! Yaaas!

Wondering: If  my person can visit Beijing in March. I’m holding my breath, managing my expectations so I don’t get disappointed. But if it works out. Oh! My! Goodness!

Loving: Moshe Ndiki and Farieda Metsileng ‘s youtube channel. Two South African entertainers. They joke in the most random yet relatable ways. I’m looking forward to seeing their entertainment brands grow. Also The Real Daytime is such an incredible show. These women are beautifully authentic and honest. I enjoy listening to ’em their craziness leaves you laughing. Lastly finding freehandportrait.tumblr.com has been a joy. Discovering the thoughtspace of someone you hold dear is a treasure.

Hoping: We can find cheap products to sell. A friend and I are starting an export business, buying products from China, shipping them to South Africa. Next week I’m travelling to the South of China (Guangzhou & Hong Kong). Really hoping to find goods at cost price *fingers crossed*

Marvelling: Black women. I think they are the most fierce form of life.

Needing: To buy a few things to get my life in order. Like dumbbells and socks *my socks are always disappearing, I probably don’t need socks right now, but if I have any list of things to buy..rest assured, socks will come to mind* washing basket, Listerine. I also need to do laundry *sigh*

Smelling: Nothing. I am in the library. Perhaps the scent of books and the dust on old book spines calleth out. My seventh *book smelling sense* is failing me right now.

Wearing: My purple jacket. It has duck feathers so it really keeps me warm. But *guilt* I’ve been wearing it all winter. It’s really warm okay.  I’ll add it to the laundry list.

Following: Les Brown and Eric Thomas videos. Motivational videos/Self help videos, I know I know… This thesis writing process is changing me. Usually I don’t need this much encouragement. For now though, I’ll keep following. A girl must do what a girls gotta do to finish.

Noticing: Lately, I’ve been missing everything that’s home. Subsequently, I’ve been dreaming of being at home. I even dreamt of being in my village. I haven’t been to that home in years.

Knowing: That self discovery is a real and a beautiful thing. Acknowledging that I am a beautiful thing. A thing to be discovered by myself is a new thing. I never used to take those kind of cliché sounding ‘self discovery’ concepts seriously.

Thinking: I need to stop blogging. Its 2:35am.

Bookmarking: 25-new-books-by-african-writers-you-should-read,  This is how I know I have no time, I can’t start reading any of the recommended books. I mean whether I was going to read it or not, knowing I can’t (right now) is the worst. Again Masandes’ book, the Reactive features. Whoop-whoop-whoop to flourishing next door neighbors.

Opening: an orange. Does peeling and opening mean the same thing? Yes.. And if they do, having peeled the orange before I began the post counts… right?!

Giggling: Remembering my conversation with mom earlier. She tends to reference a book titled “the day when everything went wrong” for those pear shaped days. That was her day yesterday, hearing her funny stories of how things fell apart and being able to say it with her.. “its the day when everything went wrong” was funny :). 

Feeling: Good I added all these posts. My adventures and poems have found a homey hub.

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