Hello world!

Welcome to my World ❤️ Thank you so much for stopping by.

The name right… Apple Crunch?!


The name feels like something to me → like biting into something fresh/ a new thought/ a lens of seeing. Every post is inspired by my consciousness, this awareness of life inside and around me. Be it in God (my reason for being), the socio-politics of black lives, love, travel, family, loss, risk. Every post is a bite. An apple crunch.

When I write I find the courage to discover details to my thoughts. I make it my mission to not sensor that learning process. To not discard the complexities, to not make my views more palatable to a singular worldview. This commitment to honesty is what I share with you! My journey, my learning’s, my continued wrestling.

I am currently working on a PhD looking at teacher implicit bias in former closed schools in South Africa. Education is my truest and  deepest concern, an area I have committed to apply my energies to, with the hope that it will make a  difference  in the world, to my own country, own community & family.

Thank you for connecting and reading the thoughts and stories shared on SihlesAppleCrunch. My sincere hope is that this small corner of the  world wide web will leave you thinking and challenged.

Lets Journey on and do life together. Xx

Happy Reading!


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